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About Chris 2016-06-22 About

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Breaking Up With Your Phone 2016-07-09 Breaking Up With Your Phone
Hacking an LCD Monitor with MicroPython 2016-06-16 Change the brightness of a computer monitor using the ambient light level.
Introducing Don't Moderate Me 2016-04-13 Get notified when your online posts are removed.
Grand Canyon Rim-River-Rim Day/Night Hike 2016-03-20 Spectacular descent to the Colorado River and a cool evening climb along verdant creeks
Introducing smog: Simple Markdown blOG 2016-05-08 Another blog engine? Really?
Sit/Stand Desk: IKEA SKARSTA Review 2016-03-10 The world needs a cheap-but-good-enough sit/stand desk for the masses.